Water Cube, Beijing 20080224

国家游泳中心,水立方 National Aquatics Center, Water Cube
好运北京第16届国际泳联跳水世界杯 20080219~20080225
"Good Luck Beijing" 2008 16th FIFA Diving World Cup. 20080219~20080225
20080224:男子10M跳台决赛(Men’s 10M Platform Final),女子双人3M跳板决赛(Women’s Synchronized 3m Final)
Outside _ with Ting:
Inside _ Facilities:
The swimming Pool:
The 10M platform & 3M springboard:
The Diving Pool:
The Ceiling:
Men’s 10M platform:

Zhou Lvxin:

Lose.. 0.15?!!
Women’s 3M Synchronized:
Guo Jingjing & Wu Mingxia


Win with overwhelming superiority – over 30′:
The Cameraman:
The Reporters:
The Audiences:



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2 Responses to Water Cube, Beijing 20080224

  1. wen says:

    zhou lvxin 的video的旁白配音好好玩哟
    “好白呀” :p

  2. chunli says:

    哈哈,不是旁白,是一不小心。 不好意思 :P

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