Busan, South Korea 20071104


RAN2 #60,去程釜山转机,回程大邱,参见Deague, Korea 20080823。呵呵,事后补写的,时间上有点混乱 :P

map: the location relation of Deague, Busan and  Jeju

例行公事,view from the air:


So close to another airplane in the air:

金海机场,传说中的韩国第二大机场?看起来有点破 😛

Gimhae airport:


also for military use? not sure…

Gimhea airport_inside: the inside of all the airports from the world looks the same … -_-|

可惜转机时间只的一两个小时,没有出机场 😦

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2 Responses to Busan, South Korea 20071104

  1. 国娜 says:


  2. chunli says:

    呵呵,不是这段时间的,你看标题的日期会有去年的。 只是最近才开始写 :P

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