Jeju 2nd time, 20080817~20080823

9 months later, Second time to Jeju. On business trip for RAN2 #63 meeting, Shilla Hotel.
Shilla Hotel for RAN1/2/3/4/5, reunion for RAN WGs once per year?
Hyatt Regency, where i stayed for this week. not the meeting venue again, but much better than last time. 🙂
Heavy rain in the morning on the way from Hyatt to Shilla:
What we had for breakfast and lunch, tastes as terrible as it looks like:
And the restaurants we went:
Fireworks displayed for us by Samsung on the beer party. But free lunch is definitely preferred for us. 😀
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3 Responses to Jeju 2nd time, 20080817~20080823

  1. wen says:


  2. chunli says:

    左到右第一排:海鲜汤, 18000KRW;小菜,free;不知道什么东西,传说是鲍鱼片汤,15000KRW;第二排:酱肉意大利面,14000KRW;海鲜意大利面,13000KRW;Hyatt酒店的自助早餐,自己拿的略微正常点的,20000KRW,约合140RMB :P传说中抢劫……..
    不过还有三个“之最”忘记照了:最抢劫: shilla酒店的拌饭,一点蔬菜+一碗米饭+开水豆芽汤,21780KRW;最正常: 牛肉鸡蛋汤,7000KRW;最好吃: 不知名小店的烤肉,10000KRW 一人份 😀

  3. meng says:


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