Los Angeles, 20090628~20090705

RAN2 #66bis, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, USA

Meeting room, not as luxury as the Ljubljana one

Universal Studio Hollywood, right next to Hilton

The entertainment Capital of L.A., Traffic load for weekdays and holidays:

The city walk, where we had most of lunches during the meeting days

Marilyn Monroe made of sugar @IT’SUGAR store

Will Smith at Beijing International airport immigration, took the same CA984 with us, blurred because of “no photos”

Quarantine Inspection, taking temperature, another blurred one

SMS received right after got off the air plane, suggesting to stay at home for the following 7 days because of the H1N1

Working at home for the coming week …

Jul 8th, temperature 36.7 oC (someone just called to check it):

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5 Responses to Los Angeles, 20090628~20090705

  1. 唯佳 says:


  2. chunwei says:

    在家上班,不错 🙂

  3. chunli says:

    昨天还有个人来家里量体温, 说之后每天会打电话过来确认…

  4. wen says:

    哇塞,Will Smith也!要了签名了么?

  5. chunli says:

    呵呵, 有个保镖似的人物一直在边上不让拍照来着, 没敢过去要签名 😛

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