Shenzhen 20090823~20090829

RAN2 #67, Futian Shangri-La Shenzhen, China


深圳唯一印象: Shangri-La的灯s


看起来好像并不比传说中的中石化大楼里1200万RMB的灯差多少? 足以显示Shangri-La也很有钱的 (1500RMB/晚, 很有钱也不奇怪 😀 ).

另贴中石化灯, 供鉴定:


Richard, THE great English gentleman with really nice temper, 4 yrs of Vice chair and over 10 yrs delegation in RAN2 (= totally more than 2 whole years in the meetings), who can finally call me Chunli instead of Sunplus or HT mM, is leaving …… ;-(

2 Proverbs for him to say goodbye (some kind of English humor i can’t understand as a Chinese? :P) :

驴唇不对马嘴 (same proverb in Rush Hour 3)

大事化小, 小事化了


back to Beijing ~~~ 国航大飞机, 不过还是让大家坐大巴 😀

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3 Responses to Shenzhen 20090823~20090829

  1. wen says:


  2. 唯佳 says:


  3. chunli says:

    to viggy: 可惜我的相机照不下那个效果…to zhouzhou: 说实话, 我一直没搞懂为什么要说这两句话. 幽默感+语文水平+英文水平有限…

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