Miyazaki 20091011~20091018 (Part II)

今日话题, 宫崎永旺商场 Aeon shopping mall (where I’ve been 4~5 times within the week…).

interesting names: drug store’s, off & on and Bye Bye (my favorite) 😀

Tachibana street, Japanese restaurants for 炭火烧鸟(鸡):

JP supermarket (香菇论个卖, 三个RMB12):


日本人学中文, 流行语:“不差钱”??? 哈哈… and 鱼泉榨菜, 中国名牌!!!

算命, 看相:

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3 Responses to Miyazaki 20091011~20091018 (Part II)

  1. rong says:


  2. wen says:


  3. chunli says:

    那本书好像是针对日本演艺圈人士的, 挑的词都比较搞笑, 还有“酱紫“什么的,传说中的是中国最新流行语… -_-|||

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