Jeju 20091108~20091114

3GPP RAN1/2/3/4 at THE SHILLA JEJU, again..


An interesting thing is our meeting ended one hour earlier this week than usual because of THIS: 欢送中国高级干部三星研修团 (the meeting room will be occupied by the Farewell party for Senior Managers from Samsung China? or it should be "Farewell party to China Senior Goverment Officers tourist group sponsored by Samsung" ? Sounds more reasonable.. 😛 Anyway, Thank you 中国高级干部! 😀 :D)


What surpised me is that they even provide Play Station, free of charge for guests who stay in Shilla!!! Sponsored by Sony of course. What a pity we only knew that at the end of the week. But it will definitly make next Jeju trip (the 4th?) less boring.  😀 😀


Korean food: terrible breakfast at Shilla, and nice BBQ at MYUNG-GA Suite


Mountain view room: 汉拿山? and ?

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2 Responses to Jeju 20091108~20091114

  1. wen says:

    Shilla 的早餐还terrible啊?那Traveller\’s给的早餐可以说是猪食了

  2. chunli says:

    说实话, Shilla这个牛肉汤看起来就挺像的.. 😛

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