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Fishing and BBQ

上庄水库, 传说中的钓鱼烧烤胜地 setup for fishing..  LG & LB: waiting… 终于上钩啦~~(不得不说, 湖水有点脏啊)!! 现在还活在家里鱼缸里的那位不知道是不就是它呢? (PS. 战果: 钓到十几条这样的小小鱼, 最终到家只有一条活着.)   BBQ, 我, 主力…  -_-||

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Los Angeles, 20090628~20090705

RAN2 #66bis, Hilton Los Angeles/Universal City, USA Meeting room, not as luxury as the Ljubljana one Universal Studio Hollywood, right next to Hilton The entertainment Capital of L.A., Traffic load for weekdays and holidays: The city walk, where we had … Continue reading

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